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February 7 -

Thanks to Babia Lennard, teachers and parents  who hosted the kindergarten classes for a tour of the Lyons Redstone Museum on Wednesday.  The Museum opens on May weekends for May History month, and daily June thru September.

SCFD: Monique Sawyer Lang and Baiba Lennard went to Northglenn to the SCFD Workshop last Saturday. Reports and grants for 2018 are due, which pays on the Operating Supplies of the Museum. The SCFD, which passed in 1993, for residents of seven counties pay 1\10th of 1% Sales tax for Culture, History, Theatre, Scienfitic Projects in the seven counties. Each County receives what they pay in - Boulder County receives around $400,000 and disperses the funds to non-profit agencies like the Lyons Redstone Museum. There are over 100 non-profits in Boulder County that receive funds. The Lyons Redstone Museum received $3400 for 2017. A very worthy project, which we have to vote to re-institute every 15 years to keep it going. Support the SCFD, and many activities you go to have no doubt received a grant to keep them going.

January 8 -

HISTORIC RESTORATIONS:  Our old barn, built around 1908, at 306 Evans is about complete, being rescued by Bill Bailey of Historic Restorations, who is licensed by the State to restore old barns, houses, sheds, etc. instead of letting  them collapse.  Our barn had leaned 7 inches to the South; had no foundation; no cross timbers, and it was lucky it had a metal roof, which helped the snow to melt faster. Don’t let your old buildings collapse, call 970 216 3743, for their Restoration. (Two historic barns to the east collapsed last winter during the heavy snow)
Our barn is now, a place for the Lyons Historical  Society to hold their Garage Sales to benefit the Lyons Redstone Museum (come warm weather)  Save your “stuff” and see you later.

THE TOPIC OF THE SEASON IS THE ICE RINK  RESTORED AT Lavern Johnson PARK/AKA MEADOW PARK; written by Darlene Thompson: “Tradition:  The recovery for Lyons since the flood of 2013 has been remarkable! However, We also must remember the dedication and work of those before as well. Thanks to the then Board members who approved the very first ICE RINK IN MEADOW PARK, at that location, the road was closed off for the winter and it was built by James Thompson and his sons, Jim, Willard and Lorne. They got the kids off of the dangerous river. Dick Hinshaw, Barry Johnson and David Goranson were also advocates and helpers with the new rink! That was the beginning of the Lyons Ice Skating Rink, skates were donated and stored and signed out at the Town Hall. Thanks for caring on the "Good Old Tradition." and please, remember to give credit where credit is due. Love you all!

   Other memories:  Kathleen Gereaux remembers skating on the river, hoping the ice would not break; Michelle Goranson remembers the good times;  Mary Ann (Veith) Reynolds, states that in the 1950’s the Tennis court was flooded;  I remember Herb McConnell surveying the “coldest” spot in town for the Ice Rink and all remember the good hockey playing in the late hours (send us more memories to LaVern921@aolcom

January 2, 2018 -

GOOD NEWS:   The Lyons Redstone Museum has received a Grant for $641.80, from the Greenwood Fund The grant is for purchasing archival storage materials.  This and funds from the recent Lyons Community Foundation Grant  gives the Museum  a wonderful inventory of supplies to use as we continue to organize the museum's collection and for new items that come into the museum. 

December 12 -

 MUSEUM VISITORS:  Fifth-three graders and four parent volunteers from Lyons Elementary School visited the Museum on December 6th.  They learned about what Colorado was like 250 million years ago and how sandstone was formed.  Then they enjoyed searching the museum to find & study objects & photographs related to sandstone's role in the geographic, economic, and cultural history of Lyons. February 7:  Kindergarten, March 7: 5th Grade, April 4: 3rd Grade, May 2: 2nd Grade.

November 9 -

LYONS CHRISTMAS BAZAAR (Dec. 2nd & 3rd) – Lyons Elementary Gym.  (Sat: 10am-5:00pm; Sun-11am-4pm), in its 40th season; Sponsored by the Town of Lyons, with over 40 booths of Christmas items for sale ( baked food, candy, wreaths, dips, crafts, books, etc. etc.    DONATE: Crafts, Cookies, baked goods, etc. are being solicited by the Lyons Historical Society – Contact 303 823 5925)  Followed by a Chili Supper at the Lyons ME\Community Church, and the Christmas Parade of Light at 6:00pm, followed by  Parade Awards and the Lyons Choir, followed by Fireworks!!

October 18 -

GARAGE SALE (weather permitting) will continue On Friday and Saturday this  weekends,  at 306 Evans, south of the post office, with lots of “stuff” used and new, this Friday, Sat.,(10:00-4:00) – We have just received 3 pickup loads of “good stuff” Stop by.  Support the Lyons Redstone Museum – bring your “stuff”!  Lots of interesting “stuff” – you will like – with a big discount.

VOTE FOR THE LYONS REDSTONE MUSEUM DAILY:  Colorado's 2017 Most Significant Artifacts Vote Form Back to 2017 Artifacts Remember to hit the SUMBIT MY VOTE Button at the bottom of the page! VOTE FOR LYONS:  Teacher Registration and Grade Books, 1920-1961

SCFD:  LaVern Johnson and Monique Sawyer-Lang of the Lyons Historical Society attended the SCFD Awards Ceremony on Tuesday evening, where they presented checks to the Tier III non-profits, of which the Society received funds for Operating Supplies at the Museum.  These funds come from the 1\10th of 1% Sales Tax passed in 19093 in seven metro states, with each County receiving what they pay in – with around $450,000 in Boulder County, and  awarded to over 165 non-profit organizations.  A great help.  Thanks to all! 


September 26 -

MUSEUM NEWS – The Lyons Redstone Museum will close this Sunday, Oct. 1st , and reopen on May weekends to celebrate History Month. With a lot of visitors viewing the 127 years of newspapers exhibit, the Swift/Bohn family display, the flood and Park display, and Anne Obrien’s dollhouses. Thanks to all. Thanks also to staff Terri Weir, Monique Sawyer-Lang, Baiba Lennard, Emily Walker, Kathleen Spring, and all volunteers.

Out-of-State visitors this past week were from: London, Montreal, Quebec; Haysville, KS; Morris Plains, NJ; Beverly Hills, CA; Muskego, WI; St. Paul, MN; Ogden, UT; Olathe, KS; Omaha, Ne; Sterling, VA; and several Colorado towns. Lloyd Austin, former Lyons resident and owner of the former Rustic Built Homes with his brother Loyal, visited from Vernal, Utah.

STORY CORPS is encouraging folks to record an oral history at their Thanksgiving dinner. It is encouraging students to record a conversation with an elder over the holiday using the StoryCorps app. They can add photos and videos to their stories and upload them. They will be included in a StoryCorps collection at the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress. This has been the 3rd year with more than 50,000 recordings launched in 2015, adding 250,000 new recordings to the archives. The Lyons Historical Society notes Thanksgiving is a good time to record your family history while all relatives are present!


September 20 -

LYONS REDSTONE MUSEUM:  The question: “How and why do we arrange events in chronological order”?  On September 6th at the Redstone Museum, this was the guiding question for 4 groups of first graders from Lyons Elementary School, 50 in all and their chaperones. They used Museum resources to explore Lyons schools "then & now":  photographs of the 1881 Schoolhouse building over time, students in a classroom, and recess activities; listening to early primary reading books; and writing
 The Museum will close on Sunday Oct. 1st, until May weekends.  Be sure to stop to see Anne O’Brien’s Dollhouses (as she plans to take them to Texas when she comes); the Newspaper Display, Flood Display and Recovery, Coffintop Display, LaVern\Meadow Park Display, and more.  Open daily.
Visitors this past week have been: Charles & Sylvia Olson of Cleveland, NY, visiting their son in Longmont, Jen Jary of Tallahassee, Fla; celebrating his birthday; Linda Awtey of Sloystown, oa – visiting her sister; as well as visitors from Dundee Il; Harrisonville, Mo; Palm Bay, Tallahassee, and Naples, Fl; S ottsdale, Az;  Hespena, Ca; New Cannan, Ct;  Los Angeles, Ca;  Mason, Oh; Stuart, Fla; Rockville, Md; Hillsboro, Mo; and several area Colorado towns;

August 22 -

THE LYONS HISTORICAL SOCIETY WAS hosts to over 40 Historians from the Front Range Museums, from Castle Rock to Ft Collins at their monthly meeting at the Lyons Town Hall on Monday, with Priscilla Cohan and Monique Sawyer-Lang making arrangements, with a meeting, reports from each group, and lunch on the patio to view the eclipse, then a tour of the Lyons Depot, down main street and a Tour of the Lyons Redstone Museum, followed by an Ice Cream Social..Thanks to all. OVER 30 PERSONS enjoyed viewing the Eclipse from the Museum.

VISITORS AT THE LYONS REDSTONE MUSEUM last week were Kelsey Matthews, a graduate of 301l0; Earl Wilson of Westminster, who donated a millstone from Lyons Flour Mill, Eileen and George Stone, who said it had been 80 years since visiting Lyons, from Wauwatosa, Wis., Amy and Jaud of Centennial, who state they have visited the Museum each year, when they attend the Folk Festival, Suzanne Banett who donated two Boulder County History Books; Donna Bruce of Longmont of the Goss, Befus, Stugart, Lang, and Wilcox families, as well as visitors from: Calif., Maryland, , Iowa, Nevada, Miss, New York, Florida, Texas, and Brazil  Stop by the Museum to see a large mural of the last train leaving Lyons in the 1960’s, Anne O’Brien’s dollhouses; the Flood display, parks, Quiesquicentennial, 100 year history of Lyons papers, and more...The Museum is open daily thru Sunday, Oct. 2nd.


August 15 -

This Monday, August 21st, the Lyons Redstone Museum is hosting the Area Front Range Museums, with a meeting at 10:00am and lunch at the Lyons town Hall; a tour of LaVern Johnson park during the Eclipse (glasses to be furnished) and followed by a tour of the Lyons Redstone Museum followed by an Ice Cream Social.  All invited.  Contact Priscilla 720 345 3945 to make a reservation.
Folks are invited to nominate a “Most Endangered Place” in Colorado for historic preservation.  The deadline is August 21: call 03 393 4280 x 222, If you know of an “old” property that is deteriorating, contact this State Agency.
The Lyons Library is hosting a Workshop on Wed. August 23rd on “Eat on $6.00”.  Great ideas.

LYONS REDSTONE MUSEUM is open daily thru Sunday, October 2nd, manned by Monique Sawyer Lang, Baiba Lennard and Terri Weir.  Stop by.  Enjoy Anne O’Brien’s dollhouses, the 100 years of Lyons Newspapers, the Flood and Park Displays; old-time pictures, and more.  Visitors enjoyed the:  dollhouses, the old typewriter, and other displays.  Shane Stemm, graduate of 1995, and Kelsey Matthews, graduates of 2010 stopped by, as well as the Lyons Book Club that met last Thursday evening.  Out-of-stators were from:  Rogers, Mn; Spring Hill, Ten; Euless, Tex; Hanna City, Tremont, and Barrington, Ill; Grand Rapids, Mich; Yorba Linda and Los Angeles, Ca; Sandy and Sand Point, Ut; Bixby, Ok; Philadelphia, Pa; Baton Rouge, La; Fayetteville, Ar;  Scantion, NY; and Huntsville, Ar.

THE COFFINTOP DISPLAYS AND MATERIAL REMAIN OUT for viewing thru September.  Stop by.


August 8 - The Lyons Historical Society will host the monthly Association of Northern Front Range Museums monthly meeting next Monday, August 21st, with a meeting at 10am; followed by a lunch at the Town Hall, a tour of LaVern Johnson Park, and an Ice Cream social at the Lyons Redstone Museum.  Lunch will be catered by the St. Vrain Market.  Arrangements have been made by Priscilla Cohan.  Interested persons are invited to attend.

THE LYONS REDSTONE MUSEUM: Congratulations and Thank You to Terri Weir, who fulfilled her 26th year as Hostess and curate of  the Lyons Redstone Museum this week and is being called to her School job. The daughter of Herb and Linda MConnell, she knows the History of the Town and its Pioneers.  Terri started working at the Museum after Grace (Weese) Harbin moved to Longmont.  Remaining Staff until the Museum closes are:  Monique Sawyer Lang, Baiba Lennard, Emily Walker, and Terri on Saturdays.

THE LYONS REDSTONE MUSEUM HAS been a popular place to visit this summer to see 100 years History of Lyons newspapers; the Flood and Park  Displays, and Anne O’Brien’s Dollhouses.  One visitor writes that the Plantation house does not tell the “Real” of the slaves,  and will send us some history.  Out of state visitors his past week were from: Eden Prairie, Mn; Akron, Ohio, Stillwater, Md; Clive, Iowa; Orem, Utah; Sacramento, Ca; San Antonio, Richmond,  Eules, & Austin, Texas; Scottsdale, Az; Wichita, Ks; , Ramsey & Rogers, Mn; Omaha, Ne; Springhill, Tn; and Lincoln, Ne, and Jack Morton from Clive, Iowa, asking about LaVerne and Mary Morton, who lived up the North St. Vrain by the Bradshaws in the 1940’s, He was the  Lyons policeman.

August 8 -

The Sherman Bohn Tuesday History Talk presented by Lyons resident Julie Wechsler (Bohn's youngest daughter) held at Town Hall was very informative.  Sherman was a diligent public servant, available 24 hours a day, whether it was for his electrician job or on the Town board. He would go out in the middle of the night when someone's electricity was out and sometimes he got paid in produce versus cash! He was well liked and served as a volunteer through many local clubs.

Julie and Victoria Simonsen, Town Administrator, took the old black and white photos of Sherman's home and the generator building and walked around the interior of the current town hall building, matching doorways, window frames, and more.  We figured out where the family lived and where the generators were. If you look at Town Hall, you will see that the home had sandstone siding, and the rest of the building (formerly the fire station) is stucco.

The next Tuesday History Talk will be August 8 at 5:30 p.m., speakers at 6:30 p.m., at the museum about the Coffintop Dam. A few people who helped stopped the construction of the dam will tell the dramatic story of the fight that lasted several years. Also see the diorama built of the site, and see what part of town they projected the unstable dam, which was to be built on an earthquake fault, would have flooded.  Ron Gosnell is organizing several speakers who were part of the fight. He says, "Attendees may find interesting some of the remarkable things their diligence uncovered about the water district that was sponsoring Coffintop."

Looking for used books?  Remember the Redstone Museum has 3,000 used books, and dozens of new history books for sale. For those who love collecting antique books, go to the Denver Book & Paper Fair, with 80+ Antiquarian Bookstores in one location: the including hard-to-find collectibles, August 4 & 5 Friday/Saturday at the Denver Mart.

Do you prefer your history in DVD format? The Lyons History Video Project put together two compilation videos from its 60 interviews done over 13 years. The curator of geology at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science came out to our quarry fields and explained how the ancient stones were formed, displaying multiple geological maps.  The information is included in the geology DVD, plus an aerial view of the town and the state's  geological "hogback" formed during the Paleozoic Era, Middle Permian Period about 250 million years ago, which is called the Lyons Formation.  The second DVD covers the history of the town, as spoken from the mouths of its pioneer families. They can be purchased at the museum or online at The Project is requesting donations to help finish the final six interviews. Contact:

Photographs in the museum are now available for purchase. Combining together a few different grants aimed at protecting the museum's archives, the museum was able to start Phase I of a multi-year photograph archive project.  Ron Pederson, and I, Kathleen, were assigned to scan all of the old-time photographs and graduation group photos on the museum's second floor. 

Ron was a star this year. Whenever a photograph was taken down, the frame was cleaned (for the first time in 40 years!) and some were found to be the worse for wear. He took home any that were damaged and repaired them to look like new.  He also worked on other woodworking projects, like building a protective screen for the Ramey/Moody exhibit. Last year, he showed off his woodworking skills by volunteering to make a new door on a glass exhibit case.  He also cleaned a large field camera (100 hours of work) and lent several of his antique cameras to the museum's camera exhibit.  Many thanks!

Another volunteer high-quality carpenter, Tosh Golias, has done repairs of windows, and built a wood bin for the framed modern graduation photographs that were of a quality worthy of putting in your living room.  Many thanks!  In past years, other great volunteer repair helpers include Rob Jones and Calvin Schilling. Bit by bit, the museum updates its archives.