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Corrections and Updates for Piecing A Town Together - Families of Lyons, Colorado

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Pg 1 Thomas A'Hearn - Per 1900 Census Lyons - born Nov 1866 Indiana, Married 1891 to Ellen. Residents in household Thomas age 8, Francis 5, William V. 3, Katherine M. 2 and William Lyons

Pg 11 - Jabez Pendleton Billings, born Nov. 21, 1856. Parents were David Phelps Billings (1817-July 8, 1888) and Loiza (Frances Luisa) Pendleton (1817-1881)

Pg 16 - Hazel Eloise Billings

Pg 16 - DOUGLAS LEONARD ROBERTS  of Cayucos, California, formerly of Mead, Colorado, passed away April 13, 2015, at age 92.   He was the son of Hazel (Billings) and Clyde Roberts, and grandson of Norton and Theresa Billings (old time family of the Lyons area).  He married Lucile Sisler, Class of 1942, and lived in Placerville, Cal. They visited classmates Fran (Brodie) Brackett, Coleen (Drage) Ewy, Glen Spaur, Clair & Margaret Billings, almost yearly until her death.  He is survived by two daughters Gail Kniffen and Cheryl Lykosh, six grandchildren, and several great grandchildren, and one sister, Ada Roberts Gilbert.

Pg 25 - Dorothy Bohn Stevens died February 18, 2001

ROBERT MURRAY BOHN 88, Lyons, CO, died Tues., October 14, 2014 in Boulder, CO. Robert retired from the United States Navy serving our country for many years. Upon retirement from the Navy, Robert worked with 1st National Bank in Boulder for 10 years. He enjoyed stamps along with coin collecting. Robert was a long time member of the Lyons Historical Society, the American Legion, VFW and a continuing member of the Masons in Conn.. Survivors: Wife, Grace Bohn, Lyons, CO and Son, Randall "Randy" Bohn, Lyons, CO.

(Robert Bohn was one of Lyons Pioneer Families; the son of Frank Sherman Bohn who was born in Lyons to Phillip H. and Amelia S. Lippoldt Bohn, who was a veteran of WWI, having served in Battery D of the 341th Field Artillery 89th Division in France and Germany in 1917 and 1918. After being discharged he returned to Lyons and married Flora A. Murray, a Lyons Schoolteacher from Connecticut in 1921 & 1922. Frank was an industrIal electrician who worked at the Longmont Power Plant in Lyons and on the electrical installations at the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park. They moved to Stanford, Conn., where Robert was born on January 16, 1926. He married Grace Cone (also in the U. S. Navy) on March 14, 1953. Bob served in the US Navy from 1947 to the time of his retirement in 1967. The family, including his mother, Flora, moved to Lyons in June of 1968 and established their home one-half mile west of Lyons,
Bob suffered a broken hip last week and infection set in. He will be sadly missed as a staunch member of the American Legion, where he put out the flags every Memorial and Veterans Day in the Lyons Cemetery; a former member of the Lyons Cemetery Board, helped with its revival; and was a staunch supporter of Lyons History.
Bob was the last of the Bohn first cousins, being a cousin of Dorothy Stevens, Sherman Bohn, Eileen, Kenneth, and Marjorie Bohn. Julie Wechsler and brothers Dick and Randy and Marillou Webb are second cousins.

Page 33 - Janet Brackett Orback passed away March 2017 of brain cancer.

Pg 34 - Charles Bradford: May 9, 1926 he married Mary Eliza Taylor Morger Robey, born June 10, 1858 to Mr. & Mrs. David C. Taylor in Madison County Ohio. Her son, Frank Morger died in 1938.

Pg 43 C. Nelson Brust - his son was Joseph not John - 10 Jun 1909 - 1 Feb 1999

Pg 43 - Charles Nelson Brust - born July 17, 1882; Son was Joseph H not John - died 9th February, 1999, Utah

Pg 44 - Alva Bullock: daughter Evelyn Bullock passed away February 12, 2014 at The Bridge in Longmont. She was 97.

Pg 46 Joseph Henry Bunce: Henrietta Steele Bunce: 1st husband Andrew Emanuel married on 23 Feb 1851 in Pike County, Illinois and settled in Boulder County in 1874 and had 5 children. They had 2 sons: Alonzo Emanuel 1858-6 Jun 1885 and William H. 2nd Marriage Charles Fontin on 3 July 1875 in Boulder County, CO and they divorced on Nov. 1, 1878. 3rd marriage to Moses N. Steed on 19 Nov 1878 in Jamestown, Boulder, CO and died before 1886. 4th marriage to Joseph Henry Bunce on 9 Jan 1886.

Pg 47 - Albert L. Burdick: ROY LYN RUTH GORDON, the daughter of Adelyn Ruth and Albert Leroy (Roy) Burdick, died July 7, 2014.  She spent her early childhood in Fairbanks, Alaska and in Lyons.  In March of 1973 whe married Bill Gordon and moved to Ellensburg, Washington in 1977, where she worked at Central Washington University for 17 years.  (Adelyn was Post Master of Lyons for many years and Roy built the log house, now belonging to Sharon McConnell; he worked for the County when they returned from Fairbanks. Their children Roylyn, J. C. married to Pat Ohline of Lyons , and Dorothy married to Roger Moores lives in Aurora.

Pg 48 O. M. Burhans - Orvis M. Per Directory of Deceased American Physicians: born in 1846 died Aug 1, 1911 Lyons, attended rush Medical College, Chicago, 1878. Licensure Action: Revoked, Colo. license revoked Nov. 14, 1906 on the gourn of the publication and circulation of advertiseents, relative to licenses of the sexual organs 1907 License report License never restored. Per 1900 Census

Pg 49 Clara Sophia Falk Burness - per 1910 census she was born in Finland.

Pg 50 William F. Cantwell - Per 1910 Census Noland - Spouse Alice. He was born around 1861 in Ohio. Daughter Mildred.

Pg 51 Lewis Albert Carvell - some accounts say he was born in St. John New Brunswick, Canada. He married Emma G. Capson in 1885 and imigrated to Colorado in 1894. California Death Index: Louis Alfred Carvell 9 Aug 1863 - 9 Sep 1953, mothers maiden name Hamm. Son: Lewis Armstrong Carvell may have been a twin of William Lewis - both born on 30 Aug 1893, but Lewis must have died very young as he does not show up in Colorado in 1894. Son Arthur Nixon Belvea born 1885.

Pg52 Gilead P. Cheney married May 1, 1861.

Pg 69 - David K. Dannels marries Dora Maud Griffith and they have a daughter Flora Ann.

David K. Dannels marries Mary Jane Crayne Welch Noyes and they have two children: Henry D. (1901-1992) marries Josephine Scoby and have two children Joyce and Henry B.; and Shelby Martin (1904-1997) marries Helen A. Perkins.

Mary Jane Crayne was first married to James Welch and had a daughter, then she was married to John T. Noyes and had two children William H. and Julia.

Mary Jane Crayne Welch Noyes Dannels had two daughters Rosa/Rosey Welch (1885-1974) who marries Mr. Baker and has two children then marries John Miller and has four children; and Julia Noyes (1896-1931) who marries William Barber and has two children: Franklin and Viola; and one son William H. Noyes.

William H. Noyes (1892-1965) married Flora Ann Dannels (1893-1971) and they had a son John D.(1916-1972). John married Ethel M. and they had four children: Flora Ann who married Glenn Whalen; Thomas W.; David J. who married Barbara Morore and had four children.

Dora Maud Griffith (1872-1953) is the daughter of William O. and Harriet F. Griffith. She marries three more times after divorcing Dannels. 1. Mr. King, 2. Mr. McCarthy and has a son Ellery who marries Hazel Gardner and then LaVena Parsons and has a son Richard McCarthy, and 3. Jim Hurd.

Pg 64 Ewald Sixen Crona - 1910 Census Noland has an Ernest A. Crona living with M.J. Scanlon being 26 born in Sweden. In 1910 Ewald lived in Noland and his sister in law Nettie Graham lived with him and his wife.

Pg 67 James Robert Cunningham - apprenticed as blacksmith/wagon builder in 1881 in North Carolina. Married Minnie Belle June 21, 1887, Boulder, CO

Pg 75 F. E. Dodge - per 1910 census Longmont: born around 1876 in Nebraska, mother Evaline Dodge. Wife Emma, children: Harold, Clarence, and Vernon.

Pg 76 William Dreamer per 1920 Census Lyons: born around 1863 in California, married to Nancy E. Children: Clyde, Irene, Norene, and Lenna.

Pg 79 Charles Valentine Engert: Legora was first married before 1910 (they are listed in 1910 Census for Noland)

Pg 85 - Nicholas Frank was in Lyons by 1885 living with uncle John Schmidt.

Pg 89 Leonard Angelo French - Dec 10, 1887 - Sep 8, 1972.

Pg 90 Alpha B. Gaddis - Alpheus Blynn Gaddis born 1878. There is a picture of him on internet.

Pg 91 George W. Gammon - Per Directory of Deceased American Physicians he died 1 Aug 1911 in Lyons. He went to Rus Medical College, Chicago, 1876.

Pg 92 Solomon Geer - married Nancy 3 Mar 1842 in IL. There is a great story about him from the Daily Camera by Forest Crossen (unknown date) on Ancestry.com.

Pg 96 Thomas George Gilroy - mother died March 22, 1892. He had three children: Edward 1895-1979, Eva May, and Walter Ray 1908-1997. T.G. had 2 sisters one Mary Ann who married Mr. Fitting in 1860 and had 4 children; and Theresa (1861-1946) who married Mr. Billings.

Pg 100 J.C. R. Gordon - 1880 Census Boulder, CO: Jno. C. R. Gordon, 35, single, born around 1845 in Pennsylvania living with Cowdrey and W. F. Billings families.

PG 102 Christopher Columbus Gross: Children: Hazel Dora 1896-1948; Olga P.; Agnes M., and Rella M. 1900-1969; George 1905-1967; Denton 1905-1952

Pg 103 Robert Benjamin Ground - son Robert E. Ground. Daughter Jennie marries E. E. Norton in 1891 have a daughter Marguerite.

Pg 107 Mary Johnson Hansen was born in Denmark. per 1880 Census Longmont had three children: Anna, Andrew, and Oliver. Was married to Andrew J. Hansen.

Pg 114 - Albert Creel Hervey - ROBERT E. HERVEY, age 80 years old, of Grants Pass, Oregon, died July 9, 2014.  He was the son of Albert & Frances Hervey, and grew up in Longmont.  He was a member of the Masonic Lodge , Lions Club of Lyons and the Moose Lodge of Longmont.  He was preceded in death by his parents, two brothers, Walter and Wilbur (Bill), a sister Betty Leonard, and a daughter, Cathy Hervey.  He is survived by his wife, Betty Hervey, a daughter, Teri Lynn of  Pueblo, sister, Shirley (Richendifer) Sides of Sun City West, Az, and brother Roy A Hervey of Alliance, Ne.  Memorial services were held at Grants Pass, Oregon and a graveside service will be held in Longmont on Aug. 23, 2014 by Carroll-Lewellen at Foothills Garden of Memories.

Pg 124 John Walter Holliday - per 1900 Census Lyons he was born around Mar 1861 in Ohio. Wife was Ida M. and married in 1883.

Pg 131 James Henry Hutchinson - his parents were George (1822-1907) and Sara Seaton (1829-1913)

Pg 136 Niels P. and Selma Jespersen - 1930 census Harold was 8 and Charles 2.

Pg 140 - LaVern Maxine McConnell, daughter of Bernie and Irene McConnell

Pg 149 O H. Knight - Oliver H. Knight - Per 1900 Census born Dec 1851 in Illinois. Herbert was 25.

Pg 151 Robert LaFollette - Ron's wife Arlyce Eliasen (1945 - 2011)

Pg 157 Goodwin Lee - 11 Feb 1877 - Apr 1966 per the Social Security Index. There is a picture of him in Ancestry.com.s

Pg 159 W. H. H. Lewis - William Henry Harrison Lewis 1840-1916. Per 1900 Census Lyons: Wife Mary m. 1885. In 1910 they lived in Noland. When W.H.H. died he left a wife, Sara Evans (1866-1946) and 9 children.

Pg 162-3 James Lowe - Judith Ecker was found dead of apparent gunshot wounds on Sept. 5, 2013. Her husband, Raymond Ecker died on Sept 6 from a gunshot wound to the head.

Pg 165 David Lykins - per 1910 Census Emma married to Hamilton S. Dorey in Denver. 1900 Census Mary E. married to Latimer Stevens, 3 kids: Dorthy, Ruth & Mameo.

Edward Sebray Lyon - Father Thomson Lon 5 Dec 1793- 27 Apr 1852 his mother was Patience Lyons.

Pg 170 Gerald Mack passed away April 28, 2011.

Pg 176 Lynn Pigeon McCain passed away November 2016.

Pg 181 Thomas Pierce McFadden - His parents were Albert McFadden (1824-1853) and Rebecca Oaks McFadden (1824-1906). Spouse, Alice Virginia David McFadden (1857-1901) . Per Find A Grave: He was born 1852 in Ohio and Died May 28, 1895 in Lyons.

Pg 186 John M. Miller - His parents were born in Tenn. 1900 census states he was a Marshall. Wife was Kathrine F. born @ sea Aug 1853, her dad was born in Ireland and mom in France.

Pg 197 H. N. Morey - Harvey N. Morey born 1856. C.S. Morey had a store in Denver in 1890.

Pg 197 Donald Earl Morgan dob July 20 1928 dod April 2, 2017

Pg 203 S.P Norton - the 1910 Census shows an E. P. Norton living with the Scanlons.

Pg 212 Marguerite Peoples died June 23, 2011.

Pg 225 Albert Roberts - Hazel E. Billings (December 31, 1898 - October 4, 1981)

Pg 225 - DOUGLAS LEONARD ROBERTS  of Cayucos, California, formerly of Mead, Colorado, passed away April 13, 2015, at age 92.   He was the son of Hazel (Billings) and Clyde Roberts, and grandson of Norton and Theresa Billings (old time family of the Lyons area).  He married Lucile Sisler, Class of 1942, and lived in Placerville, Cal. They visited classmates Fran (Brodie) Brackett, Coleen (Drage) Ewy, Glen Spaur, Clair & Margaret Billings, almost yearly until her death.  He is survived by two daughters Gail Kniffen and Cheryl Lykosh, six grandchildren, and several great grandchildren, and one sister, Ada Roberts Gilbert.

Pg 226 Moses B. Rockwell born January 3, 1859 in CT. Married Alice December 25, 1880. Daughter Inex born 1882; Nettie b. 1888, and Mary b. 1891

Pg 236 Jack W. Evert died July 10, 2013, Grand Junction, Colorado.

Pg 236 - Bernie Schuyler passed away March 2017

Pg 243 Everitt Simkins passed away April 26, 2011. Shirley Bohn bassed away April 2010.

Pg 245 Jess Sites Sr.: His mother Esther J. Smith married Aquilla Cook on April 3, 1860 in Black Hawk, Iowa.(from Iowa Marriages 1809-1992) They had two sons: Caleb who was born May 29 1861 in Shellrock Iowa, and Freeman who was born in 1863. The Cooks crossed the plains with an ox team in 1865 settling in the Lyons area. Freeman died in a mining accident at the Smuggler Mine April 11, 1889. Caleb A. married Mary Ascsah Ridding December 31, 1891 and had two children: Alice M. and Freeman. (They are listed in the 1900 Census in Carbo, Wyoming). Esther married William J. Sites between 1868 and 1870. They had three children: George born abt 1871, and twins Bessie and Jessie born about 1876. There is a picture of Caleb A. Cook in book: History of Wyoming. Esther J. Sites is in 1910 Census with Bessie (age 33) and a 6 yr old Jesse.

Pg 246 Samuel Newell Sizer born November 15, 1830. Per 1880 Census (Samuel N. Siger) daughters: Alice who married Mr. Rockwell born around 1859; Evelyn, and Ada who may have married Morey.

Pg 247 - John G. Sjogren: Daughter Barbara Marie Steadman died in 2013.

Pg 269 Newton M. Thomas born in Nebraska. Per the 1870 Census his parents were John H. and Hannah L. Thomas and they lived in Iowa.

Pg 273 William Tilton: Wife, Cora Flowers - her parents were Jacob and Elizabeth (1880 Census). Son Lester died in 1965. Jasper died in 1988. There is a picture of William on Ancestry.com

Pg 274 Adolph Torchiani - Parents were Harry & Hattie from Prussia, lived in Milwaukee, WS (1880 census)

Pg 278 Manuel J. Vasquez - Raul who married Maria - two children: Bobbi and Abe.

Pg 279 John D. Walker married Clara Belle McCall (15 Sep 1866, Lyons - 30 May 1951, Estes Park)

Pg 286 George Webster's father was John Webster. Per the 1870 census, George was a blacksmith and born in Pennsylvania.

Pg 289 - Picture of Richard Weese should say Doyle Weese.

Pg 290 - Ronald's middle initial is P.

Pg 291 - William A. Welch - his mother, Rachel Henrietta Jackson Armstrong Welch died July 2, 1870 in Philadelphia at the age of 34. in the 1900 Census, The Welch's had two servants from China: Tue Hem Chee and Young Sam. For more information about the Welch's and the Welch Resort (Shelly's Cottages) see the book, The Welch Resort a hidden treasure of Boulder County, 2006.

Pg 292 - Charles P. Wilcox was born in Michigan. He was a Civil War pensioner. In 1880 they lived in Pella.

Pg 295 - Elsworth D. Wilkins was born around 1863. Per the 1910 census, he was widowed and may have had a daughter: Nettie born about 1892.

Pg 295 - Thomas Henry Woolley died April 30, 1981.

Pg 296 - Friend Elton Wright - per the Longmont Ledger he died Apr 13 1917. Per the city of Longmont, Friend came to Longmont with his brother John T. Wright in 1882. They moved to Noland in 1884 and worked on the Stone Mountain Railroad. They returned to Longmont in 1886 and worked as a carpenter. Their home was the Friend Wright House at 824 Collyer Street, Longmont, CO. Rosa was the president of the McPherson Women's Relief Corps in 1904.

Pg 298 - Alice Yates lived in Noland in 1910.

Pg 299 - Lowell V. Young: Vanford "Bink" 1st wife Dora died in 1985, married for 47 years. His married his second wife when he was 70 years old. She died in 1999. Bink passed away on May 2, 2015 in Arkansas. He is buried at Longmont Mountain View Cemetery.

Pg 304 - Gerald Boland died on September 12, 2013, during the "Great" Lyons flood. His body was found on Thursday, September 19.

"Stetson's family pieced together a few details regarding Boland's whereabouts in the early hours of Sept. 12. After being told to evacuate their home in North St. Vrain Canyon at about 2:30 a.m., Boland was following his wife out of town, headed toward Stetson's residence in Hygiene.

At some point Boland turned his car around. Later, he was spotted at the evacuation point at Lyons Elementary, where Boland taught for almost 30 years, and he was one of the first to arrive and turn on the lights for the soon-to-be-arriving evacuees.

Boland left Lyons Elementary before Cheron Boland, who had turned back into town to look for her husband, arrived at about 6 a.m.

Stetson said her father's truck was located about 200 yards downstream from the home the family purchased in the mid-1960s. Search-and-rescue dogs picked up Boland's scent in the truck, but Stetson said they were informed the additional rain that fell Sunday made it highly unlikely the dogs would be able to follow through with a discovery.

"His truck was very mashed, but given where they found it we think he was in the neighborhood," Stetson said earlier this week. "We feel he probably passed away right there in the truck, but the water was moving so violently around there, who knows what may have happened. At 4 a.m. or so I'm sure he started to worry about mom and that's why he left (Lyons Elementary)."

Daily Camera 9/19/2013

pg 303 - A. L. & Charlotte Dowe:

Dr. James E. Dow (1816-1873) is the doctor referred to in the September 31, 1931 Lyons Recorder article. Dr. James E. Dow and Charlotte Dow married and together they had one child, Ida. James and Charlotte owned and lived on the southern end of what we today refer to as Dowe Flats. The March 11, 1906 Lyons Recorder article refers to Abraham Lincoln Dow (1864-1943). He was a local farmer and married to Mary Dow. Both men spelled their last name “Dow.” The “e” at the end of “Dow” begins to appear sometime post 1926, maybe earlier, but all legal recorded deeds only identify the last name of both men as “Dow.” Per Carol Beam 1/19/16

Pg 309 - KATHY (KELLING) WARD will be honored by a Celebration of Life Service on Saturday, July 18th, at 4pm at Oskar Blues Events Room.  Kathy is survived by her daughter, Stacy Beck, and son; her sister, Sue Ann Frysig,  brother Tim Kelling, and several nieces and nephews.  She was preceded in death by her parents, George and Katherine Kelling and a brother, Steve Kelling.

Pg 313 - ART SHUPE passed away age 94 in March 2017