and Historical Society

340 High Street

P. O. Box 9, Lyons, Colorado 80540


Open: May - October


For a tour of the Historical Buildings in and around Lyons click here.

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Take a walk through the museum and find many fun, interesting artifacts that represent the past of Lyons.

The 1881 School Museum now houses: Photographic Display on Lyons by Manual Weiss (funded by the State Historical Society), as well as various local and county displays.

Lyons Redstone history museum tells the story of the town of Lyons, including its famous sandstone quarries, arts/music/cultural heritage, historic buildings, and more, through exhibits, posters, photograph "aisle", displays and more. The entrance to the museum has been renovated, newly painted, and new fascinating photographic history graphics grace the walls.

Get a free walking tour map of local Historic District Buildings.

Each year two exhibits are chosen to be renovated and enhanced, and one or two new exhibits open.


“Tiny Stories-The Art of the Dollhouse.” This temporary exhibit features five beautifully handcrafted dollhouses by local Lyons artist Anne O’Brien. It has been held over for one more summer 2018, due to popular demand. May 5 to October 1. Each house is from a different era and is meticulous in its historic detail and will usher you into another time and place. On display is an 18th Century Scottish Cottage, an early 1900s dressmaker’s home, a 1910 farmhouse, a 1950s home in Hannibal, Missouri, and a southern plantation home.


Popular Exhibits:

= Learn about the famous campaign to stop the construction of Coffintop Dam

= See First Editions of five newspapers that covered news in the area beginning in 1890

= Read the stories of dedicated History Preservation campaigners and researchers over the decades.

= See 125 years of Cameras, which includes a dozen restored cameras.

= Experience Lyons' seniors decades of events. Lyons Senior Golden Gang Albums going back to the 1980s are available for viewing. The senior group closed its doors in 2016.

= Thanks to Dolph Swift who donated a large display they prepared recognizing the Swift, Bohn, and Smith families (1889-2003), including military memorabilia.

= View almost 50 oral history DVDs of Lyons' pioneer families.

= Walk through old-time Lyons in the main floor exhibit, including a home interior and wooden bank teller's cage

= Continue your walk on the second floor with dozens of old-time photos of Lyons.

= The Great Flood of 2013 is remembered through extensive memorabilia, including photos and videos

= Lyons sandstone quarries are brought to life via original tools and old photos from 1880s

= Commemorative Exhibits include old post offices, BiCentennial, boy scout ax, Women's Club, old schoolhouse, Native Americas in Colorado, drug store, cowgirl, parks, insulator collection, and more.

In 2018, many of the exhibits honoring special town residents in the past will be moved to one location. Take a chair and enjoy the stories.



On May 2 the Lyons Historical Society unveiled a new display, of local historians and authors. They include: Frank Weaver, Dorothy Paxton, LaVern Johnson, Al Pace, Diane Goode Benedict, and Denise V. Berg.

You will find many tools that were used in the quarry yards.

The old fainting couch from Mr. W. A. Colt's home. He not only helped in the building of the N. St. Vrain highway, but Trail Ridge Road as well as many other major roads in Colorado.

So please take the time to wander through the exhibits and reminisce about old times.









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