and Historical Society

340 High Street

P. O. Box 9, Lyons, Colorado 80540


Open: May - September


Volunteer Opportunities :


Do you like history? Do you love to tell—and listen to—a good story? Is "meeting people" your idea of a good time? Are you the "unofficial" tour guide for your friends and family? If so, then consider becoming a docent at the Museum!

Docents support the Museum's collections, research, and exhibitions by assisting visitors giving Highlights Tours, and and answering questions about Lyons. Hundreds of visitors—from local communities, across the state, and around the nation —benefit from volunteers each year. The program is designed to offer all visitors an exciting and engaging experience that stimulates conversation, promote an appreciation of the town's history, and deepen the understanding of what it means to live here

Volunteers also help with the filing of local information and working in the store.

There are many volunteer opportunities available at the Lyons Redstone Museum.

- Maintaining Files

- Computer input

- Scanning images

- Helping with displays

- Helping at Lyons Good Ole' Days

- Helping at booth at Christmas Bazzar

Mr. Hess delivering the mail.